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Furukawa Paper Works - Kisakae Letter Set - Dress up Girl - Plaid style

Part of the Kisakae series from Furukawa Paper Works in Japan, this cute letter set allows you to get creative, writing your message and then dressing up the girl before sending to the lucky recipient.

Each pack contains 3 letter paper dolls & matching clothes, with 2 envelopes also included. Suitable for a wide variety of celebratory occasions, invitations and more. Why not pick up your favourite pen and start writing beautiful messages to friends or family members, and bring smiles to their faces!

Made from high quality traditional Mino-Washi paper, it is suitable for a wide range of writing styles.

Design:Girl - Plaid style
Pack Includes: 6 letter sheets + 3 envelopes
Size: Letter paper (143 x 71mm) / Envelope (143 x 92mm)
Brand: Furukawa Paper Works
Origin: Made in Japan

About the Brand:

Furukawa Paper Works were founded in 1838, in Gifu prefecture, Japan. They have a rich history in producing Mino-washi paper products using techniques heralded over 1300 years ago in Mino - the city in which they are located.

Whilst the world is becoming increasingly digital, Furukawa Paper Works hope to help people connect through their paper products that reflect modern life, and enhance the function of paper as a material to express.