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Shogado Yuzen Folding Stampbook - Shuincho Goen Series - Pink / Red #5 (Made in Kyoto, Japan)

These gorgeous folding stampbooks have been lovingly handcrafted using traditional techniques in Kyoto, Japan. The cover features Kyo Yuzen washi paper decorated with traditional Japanese designs,

The stampbook features premium high-quality Japanese "Hosho" paper, a form of washi famed for it's resistance to tearing. It also has excellent absorption properties making it ideal for use with printing techniques including Japanese Woodblock, Linocut and Vinyl. 

Folding out like an accordion, these pretty stampbooks have a variety of uses. Whether as a special book for collecting stamps to memorise the places on your travels, perhaps a little book for creating printed artwork, or simply as a beautiful notebook! What's more, it would make a truly beautiful gift for family, friends, or loved ones!

Please note that the from cover is cut from Yuzen Japanese paper dyed by a craftsman, so the pattern may vary slightly from book to book.

Colour:"Goen" #5 - Pink / Red rope design (see product photo)
Pages: 22 pages (11 mountain folds)
Size: Approx 180 x 120mm
Brand: Shogado Co Ltd
Origin: Made in Japan

About the Brand:

Shogado was founded in 1959 and provides Japanese paper products for calligraphy and Japanese painting such as colored paper strips and Japanese books.

Utilizing the technology cultivated in Shikishi and Japanese books, they work to create new products using Japanese traditional designs and techniques that blend into modern life so that the beauty of Japanese style can be widely inherited.

Each and every product is handmade one by one by skillful and experienced craftsman.