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In Japan, travellers can collect uniquely designed stamps as a souvenir from destinations all over the country. Shrines, Temples and JR train stations name just a few of the many places these are found. Before long you'll need a book to collect and catalogue all the different stamps on your travels. 

These gorgeous folding stampbooks are not just useful for collecting stamps though, they feature premium high-quality Japanese "Hosho" paper, a form of washi famed for it's resistance to tearing. It also has excellent absorption properties making it ideal for use with printed art.

One thing is for sure, whether you decide to use for artwork, or simply as a beautiful notebook, these books are sure to bring a smile to your face. Alternatively, they would create a truly beautiful gift for family, friends, or loved ones!

Each and every stampbook has been lovingly handcrafted using traditional techniques in Kyoto, Japan. The cover features Kyo Yuzen washi paper decorated with traditional Japanese designs in a myriad of beautiful colours!