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We're celebrating the beautiful and inspiring handmade artworks created by our amazing customers! Please take a read through and surely you will find lots of inspiration for your next craft projects here.


I’ve been stabbing for 3 1/2 years now always with a cat by my side at home in Northumberland.

​I always take inspiration from nature, especially birds and hares and I’m constantly trying to push the boundaries of wool and how it can be sculpted. I’m also an avid tea drinker......I don’t really know what else I can write!

​Still don’t have an Etsy shop but people can follow me on Instagram @thegentlemanfelter

Simon uses HandCrafter Superfast Felting Wool and Hamanaka Watawata core wool in his creations. 



Alison Cremona Needle Felted Robins

Hi, I’m Alison Cremona and I set up Felt and Dandy a couple of years ago, with my husband Nic. We run workshops and master classes specialising in high quality makes and outcomes for everyone from the  complete beginner to those with more felting experience wishing to refine their skills. We teach all over the Northern Home Counties, The Midlands and East Anglia, visiting venues ranging from schools, village halls and craft shops to private houses, stately homes, and even The Natural History Museum!

We also make high quality needle felting kits, featuring detailed step by step instructions and photos teamed with diagrams to ensure that everyone, no matter what their prior experience, can achieve a great result. 

I love to felt hares and little birds, often combined with vintage haberdashery or driftwood.
I like to build my makes in Hamanaka Watawata as the texture allows me to create a firm, smooth core which provides a perfect base for a refined top coat. I am obsessed with creating smooth textures and beautifully blended colours in my work, and I find the Handcrafter Superfast wool, combined with a little Aclaine at times, allows me to do this in a way no other wool does. Needle choice also has a big impact on the finished texture: spiral needles are perfect for the effect I want.


Nic felts everything and anything, from life-size boar heads to gorillas and flamingos, but his first love is dogs! He uses all manner and breeds of sheep wool and alpaca, however he has recently become addicted to making labra doodles and bichons from the lovely Hamanaka Curly wool.

Nic and I were very fortunate to be the first ever husband and wife contestants to qualify for Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas last year. I was so excited to win the Needlecraft category with my ‘Robins on Bobbins’ music box, my trophy has pride of place now in the living room! Nic made a fabulous Orang-utan pulling a sledge, based on a trip to the zoo, in the Christmas gift competition, but he sadly lost out to a bottle of blackberry gin! 

You can keep up with our makes, shop and exploits at:
Facebook:  Felt and Dandy
                    Alison Cremona Needle Felting
Instagram:  feltanddandy
Etsy:            Felt and Dandy


I am a multidisciplinary artist, painter, printmaker and book artist. 

I discovered needle felting one day after an induction learning the basic steps. After that I started creating without knowing where that would lead me. I treat wool as a material for creating micro sculpture, mostly artistic jewellery.  

The quality of wool, the variety of colours and the special needles from Sweet Pea Dolls helped me refine my creations. In order to achieve the best from a technique the right materials will define the result.  

I love experimenting with new ideas and try new designs. So every time I start a new work the theme will be different. My initial inspiration came from nature, the world of insects, birds and animals which is a great subject for needle felting because of the variety of shapes, colours, blends and lines.  

I create needle felted jewellery for myself, family, friends and recently I started selling my work on Etsy. 

Etsy shop:

Instagram: @felt_art_jewellery & @zitronebooks 

Elena's beautiful printmaking work has been exhibited internationally and can also be found here on her new website!  




Celestine and the HareKarin Celestine lives in a small house in Monmouth, Wales.

In their garden there is a shed and in that shed is another world. The world of Celestine and the Hare. It is a place where kindness, mischief and beauty help people find the magic in the ordinary.

Karin is an artist and author, who creates needle felted animals of charm and character, including the stars of their own delightful stop-motion animations and their series of picture books published with Graffeg. Karin also runs popular needle felting workshops, inspiring others to find their creative spirit.

I love the inbetween, that is where I am most happy, in myself as a mixed heritage non binary person and in my work combining art and science, and in my worlds I create where real meets fairy tale and folklore. I have a love of the magical worlds that exist just out of the corner of our eye, the idea that creatures are going about their every day business, watering their flowers, reading books in the woods, I have a wish to make people smile, to bring them some joy, some warmth of heart. A reminder that the magical world we inhabited as children is still there if we are quiet of heart and look for it.


I have been needle felting for many years and tried so many different wool types. I love using the HandCrafter Superfast Felting Wool and Hamanaka Watawata core wool in my work. The superfast felting wool is the one I come back to again and again for top coats of the animals. The blends and texture are perfect for fur and felt so nicely too. The core wool is so fast to felt and working on the scale I often do, that is a wonderful thing!


Karin can be contacted through their website:


My crafting journey began as a child where I was often found drawing or colouring something. A gift I received that I treasured the most was a large pack of Crayola crayons, I loved all the different shades. One of the first jobs I had after leaving school was painting on pottery for the gift trade, where I stayed until my first child was born. I’m now a grandparent to 3, and in all those years I’ve dipped in and out of various crafts .


Five years ago I bought a couple of needle felting kits, these were basic and included the use of a mould. This led to me buying more wool and better kits where I could follow tutorials, I’d now got the bug. I went to a few in person workshops making 3D sculptures in between making my own designs at home, some good some not so good..

Then 18 months ago I started to make 2D portraits of dogs and very soon became confident at transferring the techniques learnt to making other animals also..

I love to use Handcrafter Superfast wool for all my portraits as it’s just perfect for them, lovely and soft with short fibres. I am now incorporating the Handcrafter, Hamanaka Kodawari and Curly Real Felt Wool into my sculptures where possible too..

People have asked if I have a background in art...I haven’t, but I’ve always appreciated the colours all around us in nature, and with needle felting I’ve learnt how to really look at the different shades and use that in my art, which gives a better end result.

The next stage in my journey is in person workshops for beginners at my home in Devon, where I hope to share my passion for wildlife and nature and the multitude of colour I see in that..

Julie x.

To see my work or to enquire about portrait commissions please check out my pages:.

Facebook: Felts2Ewe .

Instagram: felts2ewe

Etsy shop: Felts2Ewe



I’ve been crafting for as long as I can remember. I was always inspired by my mum and her crafty talents and indeed her crafty stash! I have many happy childhood memories of weekends spent at country craft shows and it gave me real appreciation for all things handcrafted.

Mum is no longer able to craft but between her four daughters we can sew, jewellery make, upcycle, sugar craft and lots of other things. My absolute favourite is jewellery making and more recently I have turned to resin. I have a real love of travel to both exotic landscapes and / or to the nearest beach. Sometimes it might just be the countryside around my rural Leicestershire home that I draw inspiration from. All of the pieces in my current collection feature little elements of nature, such as real flowers and miniature mushrooms, inspiration from the wild, or colours of the coast.

I mainly work from home, with my three noisy boys in the background but my husband has promised me a garden cabin so that I can be based outside more, or just so that he can move my crafting hoard! I’m totally loving the Padico moulds at the moment so must make more room for those!

You can see more of my work here:







My name is Irina, I live in the South East of the UK, a beautiful place that inspires my creativity daily. I have been knitting and crocheting for about 8 years now and I am not about to stop. I love designing and making garments, accessories and home wares. I am passionate about using natural materials, like wool and plant fibres, trying out new brands of yarn and tools. Thanks to Sweet Pea Dolls I was able to try a few of Hamanaka products which were wonderful to work with. Recently I have been crocheting with Eco Andaria Raffia yarn and I am hooked. am so grateful I have found this wonderful shop!

Instagram: @Irinaspurls




I’m Alison Rumbles, a needle felt artist from just outside Edinburgh in Scotland. I originally trained in drawing and painting at Edinburgh college of art, and since leaving education, working, and having a family,  I’ve always continued to create and make things. I fell into needle felting over 8 years ago, and since then I’ve never looked back. My speciality is felt dogs, but in the past two years I have branched out into all sorts of animals that are inspired by the wildlife that surrounds me. I’m so lucky that I get to do what I love every single day.

To keep up to date with my latest work and to get in touch for commissions, please feel free to head across to my Etsy Shop, Instagram and Facebook pages as listed below:






Hi! I’m Nush, a data scientist and self-taught needle felting artist. I combine my love for painting and nature to create something cute and unique (little obsessed with bees, hedgehogs and triangles).

I accidentally found the amazing world of needle felting when I was looking for a little bee for my own project. Then I decided to try to make one myself and couldn’t stop needle felting since then! I set up my Etsy store, NushStudio in March 2020 and within a couple of weeks my bees got featured on Buzzfeed ( and soon became a bestseller product. It’s been a wonderful experience so far with many bee-utiful notes from my lovely buyers.

I’m learning to make new shapes and testing out new ideas everyday. You can check out some of my creations here -
Etsy -
Instagram -




Claire's gorgeous needle felted dog - Ruby (see image) was made with Hamanaka Straight Type Real Felt Wool


My name is Claire Whittington, and I live in Staffordshire, UK. I have no background in art in any way, other than playing with modeling clay with my children over the years. 

I discovered Needle Felting in 2015, when a friend of mine shared a photo of a needle felted dog she had seen on Facebook. I had no idea what needle felting was but was intrigued, so I spent the whole weekend watching Youtube tutorials. I told my Husband that I wanted to go to a craft store because I wanted to try something I'd seen. 

So after dropping him off at work on Monday, I went in search of some wool and barbed needles! I bought a very cheap kit, but didn't make what was on the box. Instead, I attempted to make our lovely Lurcher Dog, Ben. I was Hooked from that first day of stabbing. 

I still have that first needle felt, and I encourage any newbies to keep an early piece, untouched and not reworked, as a reminder of how far you've come. It's amazing how much you can improve in 6 months, 12 months, a year! I used to think I would get quicker with experience... in reality, I just get more detailed, making my own eyes, noses, collars and mouth parts.  
Finding needle felting has been an unexpected pleasure, meeting some wonderful new friends and finding something I love to do. 
More of Claire's amazing work can be found on her Instagram and Facebook page (links below) Claire is always happy to take commissions and can be contacted this way also! Her creations make very special gifts for friends and family!


I'm Naoko Brickell and I run COOPER + PRICKLE as a designer / creator / artist.

I have been felting since 2017 and completely in love with needle felting despite countless stabbing wounds and sleep deprivation through out the last couple of years.

I have been mainly taking commissions for wool sculptures of people's beloved dogs and kitties, But now I'm little more confident, I've started to make what I've been always wanted to make, wild animals with a bit of my own design.

I'd love to create artwork that can tell stories, story of the beloved family member who sadly passed away, story of the fox lurking in my garden, story of that rabbit in the nature reserve nearby...I hope people will pick up my artwork and enjoy the stories behind them.

I regularly update on instagram: @cooperprickle

Naoko uses Hamanaka Wool Candy, Hamanaka Real Felt Wool and HandCrafter Superfast Felting Wool in her stunning creations!



Named after my life saving Medical Detection Dog "Nimbus Doofus" and my cheeky pet dog "Buddy Doodle". I specialise in creating miniatures of peoples own pets. I have Autism and several complex medical conditions so
I started felting as a hobby to help distract from the stress of my illness. I soon became addicted!

I opened up my online shop and have since made lots of different miniature pets from photographs sent in by customers. I love to use sweet pea dolls wool, especially the super fast felting wool which is definitely my favourite to use in all of my sculptures.

Jodie's lovely shop, Doodle & Doofus features her stunning creations and we highly recommend taking a look by clicking on the following link:

Alternatively, to keep up with Jodie's latest work and get in touch for custom pet commissions, please pop along to her Facebook page -

Jodie uses the HandCrafter Superfast Wool range in her gorgeous creations.



Hi all, my name is Mary and I am the creator of WonderMooCrafts a small business dedicated to my hand-made creations. I am a self-taught needle felting artist and stop-motion animator.

I started needle felting when my sister bought me a kit for my 22nd birthday and I fell in love with it! So 4 years on decided to fully commit to turning my passion into a small business. I love all things cute and I get my inspiration from anime, games and movies.

I get all my equipment from this lovely shop, and most of my items are made using Hamanaka Aclaine 

To keep updated with my work all links are below including my shop. Custom orders are available!  








Hi, I’m Katie Foley, I’ve been needle felting for over a year and love it so much! I love working with wool and watching something come to life from a ball of fluff into a cute creation. I recently got more confidence and started making more life like animals. I started out making mini dolls of bunny rabbits, cats, foxes, bear and dolls but then went on to do dog portraits of people’s pets.

I love working with the needle felting wool from Sweet Pea Dolls especially the Handcrafter super fast felting fibre! It really is a game changer and the colour selection is fab! The Hamanaka felting yarn is amazing to work with and makes such cute fur for poodles and curly dog breeds really easy to use too!

I take commissions on my Facebook page and Etsy shop for orders and have loved making lots of different breeds of dogs, please feel free to send me a message on either if you are interested in a mini needle felt dog.



I’m Jane from The Ugly House!

The Ugly House got its name when we purchased a very ugly house and renovated it. When it was finished, I crafted things to make my Ugly House into a home and I haven't stopped since! Everything I make, I have a version of it. I start by making something I love, then I make more to share which led to me opening my Etsy shop!

My first felt portrait was my of my daughter. One of my rescue dogs feature in my pet portrait gallery!

My passion is fibre art, in particular needle felting and wet felting. I'm adding new fibres and techniques to my repertoire all the time. My green Man series combines everything I have learned so far with textiles. I love the tactile textural effect of using fibre and the versatility of wool.

I love making felt wreaths. These combine 2D and 3D needlefelting, wetfelting for the backgrounds and some free motion machine embroidery. I love the ‘Snow’ super fast felting fibre from Sweet Pea Dolls. It’s the whitest wool I have found and I use it for my snow men and snow hares. I made my tiny little robin’s using Simon Brown’s Robin special edition colour set! ​
To view more of Jane's beautiful creations, we highly recommend a visit to her Etsy store which can be found here -

To keep up to date with Jane's latest creations, please pop over to her Facebook and Instagram pages -




My name is Karen Jipson and I am from Brightlingsea in Essex. I have always been into arts and crafts and I am always creating something.

I started needle felting in December 2018 after seeing a stall with lots of lovely needle felt creations, at an event I was doing.

​It was something I have wanted to try for ages and never got round to it. I ordered a few kits from Sweet Pea Dolls and that was it I was hooked. I then ordered some wool and decided to have ago at my own creations. It was not long before orders came in from customers to felt their pet dogs. Then an unusual challenge came from my niece, a dragon. I have had the most amazing feedback from him, that has now brought in even more unusual orders.

I like to use Hamanaka Watawata core wool, Hamanaka Aclaine fibre, and Super Fast Felting Wool from Sweet Pea Dolls for my needle felt creations.

I look forward to the future to what this amazing fibre art brings.

To follow more of Karen's amazing work, please follow the links below to her Facebook page and amazing brand new Etsy shop!

Facebook -
Etsy -

Karen uses Hamanaka Watawata, Aclaine and HandCrafter Super Fast Felting Wool in her stunning creations!


Danielle's amazing work never ceases to amaze us! Originally a polymer clay and resin artist, Danielle recently discovered the wonder of needle felting and has quickly developed a style which has gained much praise from all over the world! Just look at the super cute hedgehog!

To view more of Danielle's gorgeous creations, or get in touch for commissions, please visit her facebook page -

Danielle's lovely hedgehog was made with our Hedgehog Mohair fabric.





I think it’s safe to say that I have a slight obsession with crafts! I have tried lots of different arts and crafts over the years, and whilst I still do a lot of them (particularly drawing and jewellery making), after I was diagnosed with a chronic illness in 2012 crochet became my therapy and my dominant craft. In the early stages of my illness, I needed something to take my mind off things, so I picked up a crochet hook and some wool that I had stored a few years previously after a pretty unsuccessful attempt at crocheting a hat!

The second time around, I took to crochet like a duck to water – I don’t know why I found it so much easier than my first attempt, but suddenly I was able to crochet both in straight rows and in circles. Within a week or so, I had made a couple of small crochet toys and I was ‘hooked’!

After a lot more practice and a lot of requests from family and friends asking me to make them things, I realised that there was scope to turn my hobby into a business venture and Little Gems Crochet was born! The name is a bit of a play on words, as I thought that ‘little gems’ was a cute way to describe my products, and my name is Gemma so it just seemed right. Originally, I sold my products in a local farm shop and after a couple of months, I set up a Facebook page in order to reach a wider audience. Facebook still remains my best source of income, and I also have an Etsy shop which has attracted many regular and new customers alike.

More recently, I have started to introduce a few non-crochet items into my range, and I am partaking in some exciting collaborations with other businesses. I was delighted to be approached by a local shop to ask if they could stock my products, and this is proving to be very successful. One of my most favourite aspects of being a small business owner however is being a part of the very strong community of craft businesses, both online and in my local area. For the past few months, I have been working closely with Sweet Pea Dolls, a wonderful husband-wife team who make stunning needle felted items and supply a wide range of craft materials. I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the yarns sold by Sweet Pea Dolls, many of which are sold exclusively by them in the UK.

If you are interested in owning your very own Little Gems Crochet creation, please take a look at my Etsy shop, Facebook page, or feel free to send me an email. Commissions always welcome!

Gemma recommends Hamanaka Bonny Yarn as an ideal yarn for crochet creations.



My name is Sarah Brown and I'm addicted to Needle Felting! Over the last 4 year it has quite literally taken over my life and I love it! I started Needle Felting in 2014 at a local workshop. I enjoyed it so much that I began searching Facebook for any other Felters in my area. I couldn't find what I was looking for so created my own Facebook group called "Needle Felting UK." Almost fours years later it has over 10, 300 members and I feel I have just as many new Needle Felting Friends.

I also created myself a Facebook page "Felting with Nature." I started creating for friends and family but recently it has turned into my own little business. I currently have three craft shelves but best of all, I'm spreading the Needle Felting love by teaching my own workshops now and I have had a wonderful response.

​I'm adding new workshops all the time and loving every minute. I like to create lots of cute animals and fantasy items, including Gnomes and Toadstools. I love the idea of my little creations living deep in the magical forests that surround the countryside I live in! I love experimenting with all different types of fibres and can't help collecting more and more to try.

If you are looking to learn more about Needle Felting near Suffolk/Norfolk, or you're looking for a workshop or commission, then you can contact me at Happy Felting!

View more of Sarah's amazing work by visiting her Facebook page - Felting With Nature

Sarah uses Hamanaka Aclaine in some of her beautiful felted creations.



Hi everyone! My name is Heather and I love making needle felted animals! bees, mice and birds are my favourites as I take inspiration from nature,

I have an Etsy shop called Felting Treasures, where you can find my handmade, one-of-a kind felted creations. Please feel free to take a look here -

I use the HandCrafter super fast felting wool from Sweet Pea Dolls.





Hi, I am Kiki and I have been felting for 1 1/2 years.

​I bought the Hamanaka Aclaine fibre and Curly Felting Yarn to use on my steam punk hare.

I loved it and then ordered the HandCrafter Superfast Felting Wool. Great products!






My name is Sue Holt and my business is Eclectic Mix. I have always loved making things and when I wanted to give up corporate life I started making things that I could sell at the dog shows that I attend almost weekly throughout the summer. .

I breed and show miniature wire haired dachshunds ( )

Hence my business, “Eclectic Mix” was born and I have a trade stand at dog shows, Festivals and Craft Fairs. I also have eBay and Etsy Shops so am kept very busy with commissions and bespoke items. This encompasses leather show leads, a range of dog beds and many more items (all illustrated on my web site

Felting began soon after and once started, I was hooked. I wet felted hats for a while to take to dog shows and Festivals, then I got into needle felting about 2 years ago and it has taken over my life! I make things that I like, mainly animals – dogs, wildlife, birds. It is so lovely to be able to make replica pets for people, particularly “memory pets” – it is so fulfilling to watch the wool come to life...I am fairly addicted!

Sue uses the HandCrafter Superfast Felting Wool in her fabulous creations.