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The Complete Guide to Crochet Dolls and Animals Book

From selecting yarns and learning basic crochet stitches to assembling your doll or animal and adding whimsical details, this super book makes any amigurumi project possible!

Hundreds of photos demonstrate the best crochet stitches to use, along with lessons on how to assemble amigurumi figures correctly and give them more personality. All the basic stitches and steps are explained in detail, including extra directions for left-handed crafters.

This is the official guide created by The Japan Amigurumi Association--whose thousands of members are found all over Japan, the original home of amigurumi. It provides an authoritative overview of techniques and includes all the information that amigurumi enthusiasts need to know to create their own toy.

This indispensable book shows you how to:
- Shape and proportion expressive heads, limbs and tails
- Assemble all the pieces together in a way that makes your toy come alive
- Add armatures so your toys can bend and stand on their own
- Create facial features that give your toy attitude and personality
- Make cute little accessories (zakka) like mittens, scarves and purses

Pages - 240
Size - 25 x 19cm
Publisher - Tuttle (2021)
Item Code - BK30

The Complete Guide to Crochet Dolls and Animals includes 3 start to finish project lessons to practice the skills you learn. Then style your own amigurumi with over 1,500 color photos and detailed diagrams instructing more than 100 crochet stitch techniques. This is a book you'll refer to again and again. Open it up, and get ready to crochet!

About the Author:
Founded in 2002, The Japan Amigurumi Association is a nation-wide community of amigurumi enthusiasts sharing their designs and techniques with one another and the world. The association supports amigurumi authors and holds workshops, exhibits and other events each year. Its activities and newsletters also support other needleworking and toymaking events.