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SOU.SOU x Kokuyo 3-Way Shoulder Bag - "Smile" Floral Print

Elegant, innovative and convenient - this gorgeous shoulder bag by SOU.SOU x Kokuyo embodies everything we love about Japanese design! 

At just 130 grams, the lightweight design makes it easy to carry for long periods. An innovative 3-way folding design allows you to customise how you wear it, based on the contents you are carrying for the day. 

The modern green and white floral print by Kyoto design house SOU.SOU contrasts beautifully against the light blue background for an eye-catching appearance that will match well with a variety of colours. 

Product details:

  • Size: Folded - 25 x 10cm / Unfolded 2/3 - 25 x 21 cm / Fully Unfolded 31.5 x 25cm / Shoulder strap - Adjustable 71-132cm
  • Material - Polyester Canvas
  • Weight - Approx 130g
  • Lightweight and convenient 3-way design
  • Design by SOU.SOU Kyoto - Floral print "smile".

Care instructions:

  • Please seek to avoid contact with water
  • Please refrain from storing sharp-pointed tools inside
  • Keep out of the reach of infants


We first visited the SOU.SOU Okurimono flagship store in their hometown of Kyoto, back in 2019, and just fell in love with the joyfulness of their designs. It was established in 2003 by Katsuji Wakisaka (Textile Designer), Hisanobu Tsujimura (Architect), and Takeshi Wakabayashi (Producer).

Based in Kyoto, Japan, SOU · SOU created textile designed to depict seasonal beauty of nature founded on the concept of "Creating New Japanese Culture". Whilst pop and edgy, the brand is using skilled craftspeople and time-tested materials to decorate modern life.​ ​

When in Japan, you may often hear conversations with the phrase "sou.sou (そうそう), short for sou desu (そうです). This roughly translates as "Yes, that's right", or "I agree with you". Even down to the brand name, SOU.SOU designs really evoke the essence of Japan