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Punilabo Stick Scissors - Pug

These super cute stick scissors are part of the popular Punilabo series by Japanese stationery company Lihit Lab. Not only are they extremely cute, they are also innovative and well designed too. 

The stick-like shape means they fit easily into your pencil case, and the little loop means they can be hung easily on a hook. By keeping the sharp steel blades encased inside the cap, they are also extremely safe and easy to transport.

There are 6 different designs to choose from. This is an adorable little Pug, perfect as a gift for any dog lover. Children will absolutely love these too as they are sure to bring a smile to their faces at school! 

Size:  Approx 144mm x 16mm

Design: Pug

Material: Cap - ABS Resin / Body - Silicone Rubber / Blade - Stainless Steel

Origin: Designed in and imported from Japan. Made in China

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