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Padico UV-Led Resin Moon Drops - Hard Type 100g

A brand new release in 2021 sees the fabulous Moon Drops UV-Led Resin from Padico enter the product range! 

Moon Drops features an ultra smooth finish and minimal shrinkage, purposely designed for improved performance with open back bezels and when curing in silicone moulds. 

More key differences between the Moon Drops and Star Drops resin options can be found by referring to the infographic in the product images.

Moon Drops has an advanced formula offering the following benefits:

- High transparency after curing

- Ultra smooth finish and minimal shrinkage - perfect for use with open back bezels and great with silicone moulds too!

- Fast curing - (30-120 seconds each side with UV-Led light & bright sunlight / 2-4 mins each side in UV light)*

- Long-term non-yellowing*

- Smooth hard finish

- Durable and waterproof after curing

- Minimal Odour & 100% Non-Toxic

- The bottle nozzle can be interchanged on larger size bottles

* Moon Drops offers excellent non-yellowing performance, however Star Drops is still considered the best for this category.

Please note that curing may take slightly longer when mixed with a colour pigment. 

Bottle size: 100g

Item code: 403324

*** Safety Points for Working with Resin - Please Read Carefully ***

- Do not use near fire

- Use in a well ventilated room

- Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothes

- Store in a cool, dry and dark place ( 0 - 25 degrees celsius)

- Please handle with care

- Ensure adult supervision is provided

If you have any questions about this product, please don't hesitate to get in touch, we will be happy to help you!