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Padico Resin Waterdrop Silicone Mold

Create beautiful waterdrop shaped resin jewellery with fabulous silicone mould from Padico. Suitable for use with UV, UV-Led and Epoxy Resin, it's soft nature means you can simply push your creation out!

3 moulds included:

1 - Waterdrop shape

2- Waterdrop with a hole at the top for inserting connection parts

3- Eyebolt shaped drop to cure an eyebolt in resin before inserting into the waterdrop. 

View an introductory product video here

Tips for use:

- Pour resin almost to the top of the mould

- Use a mixing stick to remove bubbles and then cure

- Fill any recess with extra drops of resin and re-cure

- Remove any burrs or rough edges with sandpaper, and then apply Padico gloss.

- Create a loop at the top using a Padico Crank Eyebolt, cured in resin in the smaller mould section (see image)


Item code: 403268

Made from: Silicone

Size: See product photos for exact dimensions

Temperature limits: -60c to 200c 


*** Safety Points for Working with Resin - Please Read Carefully ***

- Do not use near fire

- Use in a well ventilated room

- Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothes

- Store in a cool, dry and dark place ( 0 - 25 degrees celsius)

- Please handle with care

- Ensure adult supervision is provided

If you have any questions about this product, please don't hesitate to get in touch, we will be happy to help you!