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Needle Felting Starter Set - Natural Colours 100g

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Introducing the fabulous Sweet Pea Dolls Starter Needle Felting Kits!

Our starter kits come with one distinct difference - quality of materials. They feature the incredible HandCrafter super fast felting wool, our best selling Hamanaka Watawata core wool from Japan, and the finest needles from Groz-Beckert in Germany!

Our fibres are easy to work with and ideal to create a professional finished appearance. It's truly perfect for beginners!

Colour set: Natural colours

Pack includes:

10 Colours of HandCrafter wool x 10g (as pictured)*

1 x Hamanaka Watawata 50g Core Wool Batt

7 x Felting needles (36,38,42 triangular, 38 cross star, 40 reverse, 42 twisted, 42 eco star)

1 x Colour coded needle guide

1 x Durable black foam felting pad (10 x 15cm)

1 x Wooden handled bradawl

2 x Leather finger protectors

HandCrafter Wool: 100% Merino Carded Sliver

Microns: 22.5

* Please note colours may appear slightly different due to variances in screens. The individual colours are as listed below and can be seen in more detail here:

V601, V605, V606, V608, V609, V613, V709, V804, V805, V835

Items will come packaged as standard. The string around the wool is used for display purposes only.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, and we will be delighted to help!