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Midori Gold Foil Transfer Sticker - Stars

Midori transfer Stickers make it easy for anyone to add a little creativity to their day-to-day life―they look just like they’ve been painted on. Combine various patterns for even more fun!

These gold foil stickers can be used to create gold foil decorations simply by applying some light pressure. They can be used in various ways, like decorating the cover of notebooks or adding an accent to part of a journal that you want to stand out. Alternatively add your own unique touch to sticky notes or a card you want to send to someone. Create items that express your own unique style.

Real foil is used to make these stickers sparkle. The stickers are very thin, making it easy to create a natural-looking finish as if the design was foil-stamped from the beginning.

Tips for using:

  • The foil tends to stick easily, so avoid touching the adhesive part directly with your fingers
  • Avoid attaching to materials with uneven surfaces as this may cause the sticker to crack or damage the area it is applied to.
  • Transfer Sticker Foil can be used on materials such as genuine leather, synthetic leather and plastic, but they are not suitable for materials with uneven or oily surfaces or metal, ceramics, and glass.
  • Unused transfer stickers should be stored in the plastic sleeve with the transparent sheets to prevent the designs from peeling off.
  • Due to the intricate nature of Transfer Sticker Foil, there may be slight variations in the designs.


Package: H180×W90×D1mm  /  Design: Stars

About the brand:

MIDORI is a Japanese stationery brand that began as a producer of writing paper and envelopes in 1950. Since then, they have continued to develop a range of design-focused products that will enrich and add colour to people’s daily lives. MIDORI has maintained its base in design and paper while evolving into a comprehensive manufacturer of stationery items, where their mainstay paper products that allow users to express themselves freely are now accompanied by functional writing materials that people can enjoy using with their paper items.