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Kamiiso Monde Clear Decorative Tape - Silver Floral (Made in Japan)

This beautiful new clear masking tape from Japanese brand Kamiiso Sansyo features a shiny silver foil-stamped design, sure to look great in a wide variety of decorative applications.

The transparency makes it especially well suited to decorating clear surfaces including glass and plastic products. This elegant silver floral motif works well for decorating gift cards and wrapping too.

These tapes are especially easy to use. They are durable so feel free to peel and re-apply, without worrying about the risk of tearing or leaving any sticky surface behind.

Colour / Design:Silver Floral (see product photo)
Tape Width: Approx 20mm
Tape Length: Approx 3 meters
Brand: Kamiiso Sansyo
Origin: Made in Japan

About the Brand:

Kamiiso Sansyo was founded almost 100 years ago (1926), in Ehime prefecture, Japan. Throughout their history, they have specialised in producing Japanese paper products covering a wide range of industries.

In 2017, they began creating washi paper masking tapes of the highest quality using Japanese techniques. Many of the beautiful designs are based on traditional Japanese patterns that would typically be found on a Kimono. To help with this, they collaborated with a specialist Kimono designer in Kyoto. 

They aim to continue working hard every day to create paper products that contribute to society as a whole.