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HandCrafter UV-Led Dip Resin - 100g Clear

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This superb quality viscous UV-Led Resin by HandCrafter is perfect for making wire resin flowers.

Cures to a clear, transparent finish with excellent long-term clarity. To create coloured petals, simply add a few drops of liquid pigment to colour the resin, before dipping and curing.

Size: 100g Jar (Please note that a large jar is used and filled half-way to allow for any Resin expansion during transit).

1. Once cured, the resin can be painted with nail polish or coated and re-cured with coloured UV Resin.

2. Alternatively create your own colours by mixing liquid pigments into the resin in a separate container, before dipping your wire frame and curing. 

Curing Times:
UV-LED Light (6W) 1-2 minutes
UV Light (36W) 2-4 minutes
Sun Light (Sunny Day) 10 minutes
Sun Light (Cloudy Day) 30 minutes

1. Wrap metal wire into a round shape using a pen or dowel or similar round object.
2. Dip the metal wire into the jar and slowly pull it up to form a thin film.
3. Excess dip can be scraped off on the inside of the jar.
4. Cure under UV-Led Light.
5. The surface of the finished product is crystal clear, shiny and smooth (no tackiness - no stickiness), and will be slightly malleable once cured.

The light-cured crystal flower artificial flower liquid can be formed into a film in about 1 minute through UV light irradiation. The surface of the finished product is shiny and smooth, and it can be slightly concave.

1. Fast curing, using UV-LED light, it can be cured in about 1~2 minutes.
2. Long-term resistance to yellowing
3. Excellent transparency and clarity once cured.
4. Smooth, non-sticky surface after curing.

Bottle size: 100g

Item code: HR-DIP100C

*** Safety Points for Working with Resin - Please Read Carefully ***

- Do not use near fire

- Use in a well ventilated room

- Avoid contact with skin, eyes, mouth and clothes

- Store in a cool, dry and dark place ( 0 - 25 degrees celsius)

While working with the product, avoid placing the open jar in sunlight or under direct lighting and keep the jar sealed when not in use.

- Please handle with care

- Ensure adult supervision is provided

If you have any questions about this product, please don't hesitate to get in touch, we will be happy to help you!