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Hamanaka Needle Watawata Core Wool Batt - 25g Blended Biscuit Brown

This superb core wool batt is ideal as a core for all 3D needle felting projects. Hamanaka Watawata is a premium quality core wool. It's dense short fibre length makes it very fast felting, making it perfect for larger projects. It's loved by felting artists for how well it moulds and retains 3D shapes!

This is a newly-released subtle blended version developed by Hamanaka in conjunction with Yuko Sakuda (@yucococafe). It's natural colour and texture make it ideal for needle felted animals, not only for the base but also the finished surface too! 

Weight: 25 grams bag*

Item code: H440-003-319

Colour: Blended Biscuit Brown 

* Please note this is a 25g pack rather than the usual 30g for coloured Watawata packs. This is due to the additional costs of blending fibres, however we are positioning the price a little lower to reflect the difference in pack size for our customers.

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions and we will be glad to help!