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Coconeco Cat Paw Glass - Calico Cat (Made in Japan)

A real treat for cat lovers of all ages! 

These super cute paw shaped glasses come with various distinctive cat fur pattern designs. This particular glass features a gorgeous Calico cat. There are other designs available too including Bengal, Tiger and a sweet bi-colour cat! 

Look out for the adorable pink paw pads printed on the bottom onto frosted glass. Bring them to life by adding different colour drinks, and feel a wave of cuteness! 

The glass comes beautifully packaged in a clear box with coconeco branding. Perfect to give as a gift for someone special. Don't forget to treat yourself too though!

To protect the appearance, we recommend hand washing only and to avoid using in the microwave.

Pattern: Calico cat

Glass size: 300ml (7.5 x 11cm approx - Coconeco Adult cat)

Origin: Made in Japan

Brand: Aderia (Ishizuka Glass Co, Ltd)

About the brand:

Based in Iwakura (Aichi prefecture), Aderia focus on creating beautifully made glass tableware. They are a brand of Ishizuka Glass Co., Ltd, a Japanese manufacturer , founded in 1819. Aderia utilise an integrated management system based on strict in-house quality standards and strive to improve quality and customer satisfaction.