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10 Fabulous Christmas Gift Ideas

October 25, 2019 4 min read

10 Fabulous Christmas Gift Ideas

It's that time of the year again, Christmas is on the way and we're all searching around again looking for gifts for friends and family. Where has the year gone? Time flies when you're having fun, and we hope you've been having lots of fun crafting! 

That's why we thought we should take it upon ourselves to put our ideas forward for some fabulous Christmas gifts, ideal for people of different ages, abilities and interests. So, here no particular order!

Gift idea No 1 - Felting Starter Kit:

This one is for the felters out there, and specifically for those just getting into felting who are looking for the essentials needed to get going. Our starter kits feature the finest quality materials including Groz-Beckert felting needles in various sizes and our much-loved HandCrafter Superfast Felting wool, making it easy to achieve a beautiful finished appearance! Choose from 3 colour sets and all for less than £20! 

Gift idea No 2 - Trikotri Pom Pom Kit:

When we first saw the amazing work of Japanese artist Trikotri (Tsubasa Kuroda), we were simply blown away. She has become famous for her realistic animal pom poms made through a combination of traditional pom pom making and needle felting techniques. Now we can too with her fabulous pom pom kits, which contain enough materials to make 2 pom poms. (Tip - if this gift is for a first timer, look out for the kits with English instructions available) Once again these kits come in at less than £20! 














Gift idea No 3 - Book a workshop:

We have a great passion for helping others to discover new crafts and learn and develop new skillsOur fun and enjoyable needle felting and UV resin craft workshops held in Beccles and Norwich make this possible, and ensure everyone leaves with their very own beautifully handmade creation and the materials to pursue their new craft further! Workshop prices vary depending on the class but range from £17.50 to £22.50pp



Gift idea No 4 - Wizardi Wooden Charm Diamond Painting Kit:

Be sure to check out the Christmas themed ones too, and have the children make some to hang on the tree this year!The fantastic diamond painting kits from Wizardi sparkle beautifully in the light, and the smaller wooden charm series feature some fun designs and are simply ideal for children! (not suitable for under 3's - small parts) All wooden charm kits come in at under £10!




Gift idea No 5 - Hamanaka Russian Blue Cat Felting Kit:

This gorgeous felting kit from Japanese company Hamanaka is simply ideal for cat-loving needle felters! Not only does it include English instructions, but we also have a step-by-step video tutorial for this kit too, available to watch by clicking here! The kit features the finest quality materials and also teaches about the use of armature in needle felted creations. A truly fabulous gift for under £10!

Gift idea No 6 - Needle Felted Kittens Book by Hinali:

Staying on the feline felting theme for a moment, this stunning book written by Japanese felting artist Hinali, teaches a variety of techniques to help create beautifully realistic needle felted kittens of different breeds.It's simply ideal for an experienced needle felter looking to improve and develop their skills. What's more, this 97-page book of wonder is only £11.99! 




Gift idea No 7 - Padico UV-Led Resin Starter Kit:

UV Resin is a craft that is growing quickly in popularity, thanks in large to the endless creativity it affords and the opportunity to make beautifully unique pieces of jewellery! Working with Japanese company Padico means we can provide the most technologically advanced products, and our starter kit contains everything required to get into this wonderfully addictive craft! What's more, purchasing this kit works out cheaper than if buying the items individually at only £45!

Gift idea No 8 - Padico Resin Snowflake Kit:

Staying with UV Resin, this super little materials set contains the resin, white pigment, Snowflake silicone mould and eyebolt set required to make some beautiful, and seasonal snowflake charms! Perfect as a gift for a friend or family member who is into resin craft, or alternatively, why not make some snowflake accessories yourself and give out as some truly unique and meaningful Christmas gifts! This set comes in at £30. A UV or UV-Led light would be required if  the recipient doesn't already have one. 


Gift idea No 9 - Corinne Lapierre Penguin Sewing Kit:

We're very excited about our range of sewing kits designed and made here in the UK by the fabulously talented Corinne Lapierre! This seasonally appropriate, and highly adorable penguin kit is even so detailed as to capture the various colours a penguin has at different ages. The materials included feature the highest quality wool mix felt and contain enough inside to make 3 penguins. An ideal little kit for someone looking to develop their sewing and embroidery skills. This kit comes in at £14.25.


Gift idea No 10 - Hedgehogs and More Special Edition Set:

Last but by no means least is our amazing "Hedgehogs and More" felting materials set! It is exactly what it says on the tin. It contains all the materials (including the lifelike hedgehog mohair fabric) needed to make the adorable little felted hedgehogs in our tutorial video, and will have wool left over to make other felted animals too. It's one of our best sellers and at just £23.50 works out cheaper than buying all the items individually.



Finally, let us take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year too!

If we can be of any assistance at any point we would be only too pleased to help, and we hope some of these ideas help you out in your search for some lovely Christmas gifts!