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Brexit Changes

An update for our wonderful customers located in countries within the European Union:

Dear customers, 

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the generous continued support you have shown us and our small business. We truly appreciate every order placed with us and there is no doubt that your support has enabled us to continue growing our little shop full of exciting products!

We very much hope to continue providing you all with fabulous products with which you can enjoy working on your creative projects!

As we are sure many of you will be aware, with the United Kingdom leaving the European Union and Single Market on 1st January 2021, and despite the free trade deal that has been struck, there may be some changes to the way goods move through the border. We felt it was important to communicate how we expect these changes may affect customers placing orders with us. 


Goods travelling from the UK to EU countries will likely be subject to more intensive customs procedures and border checks. We will be completing customs forms on each parcel to assist the border agencies with this work, and hopefully shorten the length of time required to clear parcels. It is however likely that deliveries will take longer than before to arrive. 

We would advise customers to consider selecting the tracked mail service when placing an order as this is often the safest and quickest method of delivery. 


We expect that VAT consumption tax will be raised on goods entering EU countries, and customs agencies will require payment from the recipient before delivering the goods. The rate of VAT charged will depend on the standard rate of the specific country as these vary across the various nations. 

In Summary:

Certainly, we will be on a learning curve together with you to begin with, but we would advise customers to consider that parcels may take longer to arrive, and that duties may be raised by local authorities. 

We look forward to providing all necessary support, and we welcome customers to get in touch with any questions they may have. 

We wish everyone the very best of health and prosperity, and lots of creative fun for 2021 and beyond! 

Love Tiffany & Ali, Sweet Pea Dolls