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UV Resin Flower and Waterdrop Earrings - Materials Set

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Indulge your creative side and make a gorgeous pair of flower and water drop resin earrings with this fabulous materials set.

Our easy-to-follow video tutorial provides instructions for each stage of the process, and the materials set contains plenty of materials for you to make future creations too!

Materials Set Includes:

1 x 25g Padico UV-Led Resin - Hard Type

1 x Padico Waterdrop Mould

1 x Pack of Hydrangea Petals *(colour of your choice)

1 x Small Pot of Glitter 3g - *(colour of your choice)

All jewellery findings required to complete earrings (jump rings, eye pins, chains)

* This set comes with purple as standard, but if you would like a different colour of petals or glitter, please feel free to leave us a note at checkout. 

Things you'll need:

UV or UV-Led Light

Mixing Stick & Palette

Silicone Mat 

Paint Brush

Tweezers / Pliers

*** Safety Points for Working with Resin - Please Read Carefully ***

- Do not use near fire

- Use in a well ventilated room

- Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothes

- Store in a cool, dry and dark place ( 0 - 25 degrees celsius)

- Please handle with care

- Ensure adult supervision is provided

If you have any questions about this product, please don't hesitate to get in touch, we will be happy to help you!