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Special Edition Colour Set - Simon Brown's Hare

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These special edition colour sets have been put together by the wonderfully talented felting artist, Simon Brown. This particular set features all the colours and fibres needed to make Simon's incredible Hares!

Included in pack:

9 x HandCrafter Superfast Felting Wool (10g) + 1 Hamanaka Wool Candy (20g)

H441-127-803 Hamanaka Wool Candy Sucre Light Brown

V605 Camel

V701 White

V708 Black

V803 Hazelnut Coffee

V804 Mix Brown

V805 Caramel

V809 Nutlet

V835 Sand

V838 Greyish Brown

Not Included in pack:

Please note, these packs do not contain any instructional materials.

Core wool is also required to make these creations. Simon uses and recommends the Hamanaka Needle Watawata core wool batts as the best core wool to work with.

Simon's felted creations make the most incredible gifts for someone special in your life. To get in touch with Simon regarding commissions, please visit his instagram profile - @thegentlemanfelter

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, and we will be delighted to help!