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Padico Hearty Lightweight Air Dry Clay Bumper Pack - 6 x 50g White

This bumper pack of white Padico Hearty clay features 6 x 50g packs. At a price point that represents excellent value, it's an ideal choice if you have lots of projects coming up but don't need to use the clay all at once.

Padico Hearty is a high quality air dry clay from Japan. It is extremely lightweight, and with it's smooth, non-sticky texture is a delight to work with for all crafters.

Hearty is super easy to shape making it ideal for making miniature sweets, and it can be molded into fine flower petals too. If you want to etch details into your clay, it works well for this too!

There are 10 vibrant colours available and colours can be mixed to create your ideal shade. With a combination of the Primary colours (Blue, Magenta, Yellow) you can make any colour you like. Try mixing in white and black for lighter and darker shades!

It dries in 1-2 days to a matte velvety finish. The colour becomes slightly stronger once dry.

Hearty can be mixed with watercolour / acrylic / oil paints, and also can be painted with these once dry.

Shrinkage will be approximately 8%.

Item details:
Colour - White
Size - 6 x 50g packs
Item Code: 402005

*** Storage advice ***
Hearty is an air dry clay, so when storing open packs, wrap with clingfilm (or similar), place back into the bag, and seal tight with sellotape to ensure minimal air exposure.

If you have any questions about this product, please don't hesitate to get in touch, we will be happy to help you!