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Corazon Chirimen Fabric Folding Stampbook - "Kiku" Chrysanthemum - Purple (Made in Kyoto, Japan)

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These gorgeous folding stampbooks have been lovingly handcrafted using traditional techniques in Kyoto. The cover is made from traditional Japanese fabric called Chirimen. Developed in the 16th Century, Chirimen has a unique "wavy" texture and is often used in Kimono, hair ornaments (kanzashi) and Furoshiki bags too.  

The floral design features Japanese "Kiku" (Chrysanthemum), a flower that has had links to Japanese royalty for over 1000 years. This pretty purple is one of our favourites!

The Stampbook pages are made from premium quality Japanese paper, suitable for receiving inked stamps. 

Folding out like an accordion, these pretty stampbooks have a variety of uses. Whether as a special book for collecting stamps to memorise the places on your travels, perhaps a little book for creating printed artwork, or simply as a beautiful notebook! What's more, it would make a truly beautiful gift for family, friends, or loved ones!

Pages: 22 pages (11 mountain folds)
Size: Approx 160 x 110mm
Brand: Corazon 
Origin: Made in Kyoto, Japan

About the Brand:

Corazon were founded in 2001 and are headquartered in Tokyo. With almost everything made in Japan to the highest standards of quality, they produce a wide range of everyday life goods, all the way from kitchen and tableware, to accessories, bags and much more besides.